Allround Vegetable Processing B.V. is a company specialised in machines for washing and grading of vegetables and potatoes. Allround Storage is a activity which is specialised in storage equipment for potatoes, onion and carrots. We offer stand-alone machines and complete turn-key projects.

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  1. Box tippers
  2. Fully automatic box systems
  3. Hoppers
  4. Elevators
  5. Pre-cleaning sets
  6. Pre-graders
  7. Drum washing machines
  8. Soaking tanks
  9. De-stoners
  10. Potato dryers
  11. Potato brushes
  12. Chunk graders
  13. Lenght graders
  14. Radial grading machine
  15. Shake grading machine
  16. Onion toppers
  17. Finish toppers
  18. Weighing and sewing machines
  19. Leaf seperators
  20. Inspection tables