Project Description

Turn key chiller system

The Turn Key Chiller Cooler is a system with two circuits. The turnkey chiller unit is a compact machine with inbuilt compressor/condenser unit, including heat exchanger and pump for the second water based circuit. Inside the rooms the evaporators are water based.

Important features

  1. All mechanical components are in the first circuit only, in a very compact way. A minimum of cooling gas can be used, the combination of a minimum amount of cooling gas and a low GWP value will give the best environmental friendly footprint.
  2. No tubes with refrigerant in the food storage sections
  3. Because of water based evaporators, the temperature difference in the evaporator can be adjusted perfectly according the use. With a very low temperature difference dehydration of the product will be prevented, with a high temperature difference the same system can be used for products what will need low relative humidity.
  4. Easy to install and nearly maintenance free
  5. Extended condenser unit for tropical conditions
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